Final destination

After about 40 days in Brazil, living in “transit” at the in-laws, I can finally announce that our final destination won’t be in the south of Brazil as we imagined. Sadly, we won’t be living at driving distance from the Brazilian grandparents, neither close to my Argentinian relatives. On the other hand, for me who wanted sunshine and tropical fruits I will be served!

Growing up in a house in a mid-sized town will probably be better for the children (and my sanity) rather than finding ourselves stuck in an apartment in the largest metropolis of South America (São Paulo – population 11 million – was considered a possibility at some point… Let’s admit I was a bit scared).

We will be moving soon to the fourth-largest city (population of about 80’000) in the state of Rondônia. Some more plane rides from the state of São Paulo to A Capital do Café.

Oi! Tudo bom?

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