In the series concerning fruits I had never tasted (and sometimes never heard of) before coming to Brazil, here is another one.

(This picture is not mine, click on it for the source)

The jabuticaba (to pronounce ja-boo-tshee-ca-ba) tree is a funny one. The fruit looks like a grape or an overgrown blueberry, but it grows directly stuck to the trunk or branches of the tree! If you don’t know what it is, it’s very strange sight the first time. I thought the tree had some kind of decease!

(This picture is not mine, click on it for the source)

It was in season a bit after we arrived here in September or October, right before the start of the rainy season. However the plant is native to the south of Brazil (states of Mina Gerais and São Paulo), so the fruits here don’t taste as good as they should according to my husband (we think that the dry season might be too dry, too long over here for the jabuticaba). The consistency does remind me of grapes (one of its common name is Brazilian Grape), but it definitely taste like a berry too.

The following video has nothing for it, but the song is very à propos. 😀

If I could name
A fruit for you
It would be jabuticaba
Blue, black and small
On the outside
And soft and sweet within

My favourite memory
Was under that tree
That’s been there since
I was three
Now I would like to
Sing for you
My jabuticaba song

Isn’t she lovely
Like purple rain
Walking on sunshine with you
(over the rainbow)
Quiet nights, quiet stars
It’s summertime
Quiet nights, quiet stars and you

If I could name
A tree for you
It would be
Under the shade
Of the cool green leaves
It all comes back to me

So when that taste
Reminds you
You know just where
To find me
And now I would like to sing for you
My jabuticaba song
Jabuticaba tree
Jabuticaba song

*EDIT* Thank you Dr.Caso for your pictures of the molecular food experiment that triggered the following post (I had it in mind for a while now but I needed a kick in the butt!) 😉

17 comentários sobre “Jabuticaba

  1. Wow, what a weird fruit!!! You are so lucky to discover all these new plants and fruits and vegetables (I’m sure) 🙂 (those fruits look like the balsamic vinegar pearls that I made with my sister the other day with her molecular food kit, did you see the pictures? I still can’t believe we made that stuff!)

  2. That is the strangest fruit I’ve ever seen! So fun!
    (PS: Sorry about the fake email address associated with this comment. WordPress has a hiccup related to my real email address – claims I have an account when I try to comment, but claims I don’t have an account when I try to log in. Very odd, and this is the only way I could work around it.)

    • Believe me, if you were here you’d change your mind about fruits! They taste sooo good! (especially compared to whatever is found in Canada most of the year — even bananas taste much, much better!) 😀

  3. […] In the pictures of the house that we received before moving here, there were some trees at the back of the house, along the side of the church property, that even my Brazilian hubby couldn’t recognize. It happens they are jambeiros or jambo trees. Apparently these trees are of the same family as the eucalyptus, goiava, pitanga (another fruit I recently discovered), and the jabuticaba (previously mentioned). […]

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