In the pictures of the house that we received before moving here, there were some trees at the back of the house, along the side of the church property, that even my Brazilian hubby couldn’t recognize. It happens they are jambeiros or jambo trees. Apparently these trees are of the same family as the eucalyptus, goiava, pitanga (another fruit I recently discovered), and the jabuticaba (previously mentioned).

magic pink carpet

The flowers are funny: odorless and very discreet. They bloom in clutches inside the branches that are covered with leaves (the trees are evergreens). We actually didn’t see the flowers before seeing a pink carpet of petals on the ground and wondering where that come from!

Jambo flowers

The fruit doesn’t taste anything strong or strange or anything exotic at all. In fact, it tastes like pear!

Jambo fruits

The boys really liked it. So much so that after their afternoon nap, when it was in season, they would ask for a “fruit”. The jambo had become “THE FRUIT” in their vocabulary! 🙂

Jambo eating

12 comentários sobre “Jambo

    • C’est vrai, moi aussi je le répète souvent; malgrès tous les inconvénients d’avoir changé de pays (et ils nous font pester tous les jours), faire des découvertes comme ça plusieurs fois par semaine c’est vraiment chouette! 😀

Oi! Tudo bom?

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