Flower power

The rainy season is slowly giving room to the dry season and we’ve been spending more time out in the garden and at the park with the kids. It had become necessary for D to buy himself a spade and he has consequently been digging holes ever since, planting here and there. A new hobby of ours is to rescue discarded or unwanted plants and give them a new chance in life. For example, the unpotted palms that where left in the sun to dry or the -yet- unknown plants that was repeatedly cut at the root by the lawn mower (we dug the roots out and planted them on our side of the garden wall).

Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Flamboianzinho, orgulho-de-barbados // pride of Barbados or Peacock flower).

My favorite. A bit of a cheat because this one on the picture is growing against our garden wall but on the church’s property. We do have a few saplings growing along our fence too (yay!), but no flowers yet.

Gloxinia sylvatica (Semânia, Gloxínia, Siníngia)

The “famous” lil’ red flower , voici la p’tite fleur rouge (florzinha vermelha) 🙂

Torenia fournieri (Torênia, Amor-perfeito-de-verao)

These pretty little flowers grew by themselves a bit everywhere in our garden among the wildness that it was before D took care of the grass. Our guess is that the previous occupant had some of those flowers that had seeds carried by the wind.

Torênia (as above) in pink.
Some more torênia in pale purple.

4 comentários sobre “Flower power

  1. Meanwhile, up North, 25 cm of snow today… Okay I think you have a direct line to God: can you please tell him to stop messing around with spring in Canada? Obrigada! 😆

    • Sorry, my line to God is as direct as yours… Maybe I use it more often, that’s all. 😉
      You have all my sympathy, though, I remember very clearly the endless agony at the end of winter when you think it’s over, unexpectedly (and unwelcome) one morning you find (YET AGAIN) some white sh*t in the driveway. Oh yeah, how I hated it.

  2. Oh, mais c’est un flamboyant ! Un “petit flamboyant”, à ce que j’ai pu lire sur wikitruc, l’emblème de la Barbade… Celui que nous avons ici est le delonix regia.
    Jolies fleurs, et encore une fois, quelle chance d’avoir un jardin !

    • Oui j’ai pensé à toi quand j’ai découvert le nom! 🙂 Ici ça reste quand même des arbustes alors je me suis dit que chez toi c’était probablement de la même famille mais une autre espèce.

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