gengibre e primavera

The other day hubby told me, “the ginger is going to flower soon”, to which I replied something in the lines of, “oh yeah?”. I was probably busy or tired, or a combination of both. This morning as I was doing a little tour of the garden, checking on the plants with the three little men in tow (baby is walking now, too), I saw this:

A ginger flower bud

How couldn’t I have reacted with a little more excitement the other day!?! This is waaay beyond super duper tropical cool!!! :mrgreen:

Also, I asked my local FB friends where was the Wednesday market. You see, there is a market in town in a different place everyday of the week except Monday. Going to the market here is the best way to save money on fresh produce. The problem is that up until recently I was only going during the weekend because it’s close to home, but by the middle of the week we had nothing fresh at home anymore. It was getting on my nerves. So after a quick question answered by my local FB friends, off I went to the market on Wednesday a few weeks ago. It’s actually not so far from home either, but I need to take the bike if I don’t want to come back home to three famished and crying children. 😉 The other great thing about this particular market is that there are always 3 or 4 different plant sellers! I like this, very, very much.


Why was I telling all this?

Oh yeah. That’s why:

Yellow bougainvillea – or, as they call it here, primavera amarela.

I had never seen one of this color before! It is now (hopefully) happily growing in the garden. And when we move from here, I’ll take this plant or its offspring with me!

18 comentários sobre “gengibre e primavera

  1. Je crois que par ici on en voit des roses fushia ou rouges… Mais je ne suis pas connaisseuse, je n’en ai jamais eu dans “mes jardins”..
    C’est la première fois que je vois une photo de plante de gingembre je crois! Je ne me suis intéréssée juqu’ici au racines 🙂 Je viens de voir des fleurs sur Google, c’est jolie et étonnant! 🙂

    • Oui fushia et rose sont les 2 couleurs les plus communes. Il y a aussi blanc et orange, mais vraiment jaune je ne savait pas que ça existait! Quant au gingembre moi non plus je ne connaissais pas la plante alors j’ai planté quelques racines dans le jardin pour voir ce que ça donnait! 😀

  2. (un peu hors sujet) Wow, le bébé marche déjà? Ils grandissent vite!

    C’est super beau quand même toute cette nature. Je suis limite lyrique parce qu’ici c’est pas franchement le printemps encore…

    • Bébé a 1 an et 5 mois… En fait il est “en retard” pour marcher! Mais bon, je m’en plaindrait pas, maintenant j’ai 3 monstres au lieu de 2 qui me suivent partout!!! 😉
      Ah oui, la nature de toutes les couleurs (surtout vert) je ne m’en lasse pas… Il faut même que je me retienne pour ne pas planter tout et n’importe quoi et montrer 3 millions de photos par ici (un blog c’est pas juste pour les photos, hein) :mrgreen:

  3. C’est un bougainvillée ? Je crois que je n’en ai jamais vu de jaune non plus…
    HS : mon fils a marché à 14-15 mois, j’ai bien cru qu’il n’allait jamais y arriver… Je trouvais ça reposant de pouvoir enfin le poser au lieu de le garder tout le temps dans le bras !

    • Oui oui c’est bien un bougainvillier ! 🙂
      Un des jumeaux a marché à 10 mois et l’autre vers 14 ou 15 mois comme le tien… Ça faisait bizarre que l’un soit encore sur son ventre quand l’autre voulait déjà courir ! Mais bon là le troisième il a quand même bien prit son temps hein ! 😉

      • Je viens d’aller visiter notre ami Wikitruc et en fait les deux noms bougainvilliée (fem) et bougainvillier (masc) sont acceptés dans la langue française (ouf!) 😉

    • Oooh, and there is more: papaya, lemon, orange and passion fruit seeds are growing too (slower than I thought they would though) !!! I’m having a blast with this weather: suddenly I realize there are lots of things I can plant! :mrgreen:

      • We have two pies de maracujá that were established when we arrived. One has fruited since. So far I’ve been unable to get any grow from commercial seeds. Any suggestions?

        • Why commercial seeds? I grow mine from fruit seeds (I eat the fruit and keep the seeds). My first attempt was a fail though, I forgot to water the young plants one morning and by afternoon they were burned! 😦 Now I try to make sure all the “young ones” have some shade (half sun exposure) until they are a bit stronger. I’m not an expert though, I only speak from experience. 🙂

          • Honestly I couldn’t resist the fruit long enough to save the seeds! 🙂 We save seeds from all the other fruits and vegetables, but passionfruit is a little tricker to still use the fruit and save the seeds. And commercial seeds are far cheaper than buying extra fruit in the market. But it’s a good idea & I think the next time the older plant produces, I’ll set aside a fruit for planting.

            • How many plants do you want? I only took about a spoonful of seeds each time and that’s way enough to have quite a few plants, and that still leaves all the rest of the fruit to make juice! I must be living in the wrong region (ha! who am I kidding, I know I am) but over here commercial seeds are much more expensive than buying fresh fruits.

              • Well given that the fruit sells for R$4-6/bag (with~4 fruit/bag), I’d like LOTS and LOTS of plants. Talk about your money-maker if we could just get them to grow here! Commercial maracuja seeds are $0,60-R$1,00. But then, I think I got what I paid for. 😉

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