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Just thought I should let you know, if you don’t know already, that some protests have been going on in Rio and São Paulo for a couple of days now. It started out with what should have been a simple pacific protest about the rise of bus fare in São Paulo, but has escalated with violent outbreaks. (A protest is being scheduled in our town too, yes here in Rondônia!)  It’s not about the bus fare anymore, it’s about all that is going wrong in this country, mainly the billions spent for the Fifa world cup, the corruption of politicians, and the blatant lack of funding in education and public health. Videos are going viral on F*book, Y*tube and blogs (here and there) explaining the situation. Here are some examples :

I’m not usually posting anything about current news here, because I am not very eloquent about politics. It either irritates me, confuses me, or it fills me with such a pessimistic view of humanity that I prefer to look at the pretty nature and lovely children that surround me. Plus, I greatly mistrust information in the media.

However, I would like to believe that this uprising will result in some good. Brazil has all the natural resources to be a great country, and with a wake-up call of the growing middle-class, I’m sure these well needed changes could happen.

Will I witness better schools for my children ? Better salaries for teachers ? Better health care for every one ?

9 comentários sobre “Uprising

  1. Je voyais ce soir à la télé les manifs, les émeutes, les dégats, les pillages au Brésil 😦 Ce que le journaliste racontait est ce que tu nous dis…
    La politique me dégoute pas mal aussi et je ne suis guère plus optimiste que toi sur la nature humaine 😦
    J’espère en tous cas que la situation s’améliorera dans les prochaines années au Brésil et en Amérique Latine en général…
    En Tunisie après le “printemps arabe” de l’année dernière les choses n’ont pas l’air d’aller mieux, au contraire… Soupir.

    • C’est sûr que c’est plus impressionant de montrer des images d’émeutes et de pillages, mais vraiment la majorité des manifestations sont pacifiques (je ne dirais pas “calmes” parce que les brésiliens aiment bien faire du bruit! 😉 )… Je ne prévoie pas aller à celle qui s’organise dans ma ville (à 8h du mat’!!!), mais comme nous somme en plein centre-ville, elle va sûrement passe devant chez nous.

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    • Hi Alison! I don’t think we could help you as a) we’ve already moved, b) the housing arrangement is property of the church for which my husband is the pastor. (I like your show though!) 🙂

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