Vem pra rua!

The protest in our town happened more than a week ago and I’ve been dragging to push on the “publish” button. So I’m affraid the “news” aren’t very fresh anymore.

It was scheduled on the morning of Saturday, June 22 at 8 AM (!). I wasn’t planning to attend because a) with the children I simply prefer to stay on the safer side, in case it was to turn sour, which I doubted but one never knows (a different town / different country / different culture and all that, you know), b) in any case we would be right in the middle of the action without having to go anywhere because our house is in a street corner, downtown, with no privacy fence all along the side garden.

So that Saturday morning, ten days ago, I was half expecting to be awaken by the noise outside… Nope. I woke up at around the same time as usual (7.30), prepared and gave the three bottles of milk to my little men, and it’s only around 9AM that we saw people parading in front, then on the side of the house, whistling, chanting, but really it was quite pacific and not as annoying as the countless publicity trucks that usually make the daily noise pollution.

Vem pra rua! (come down to the streets!)

It made me smile.

2 comentários sobre “Vem pra rua!

    • Oups, je viens juste de voir que je n’ai pas répondu ton commentaire. Oui, heureusement! C’était rigolo en fait, ça ressemblait plutôt à un défilé qu’à une manifestation! 🙂

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