uma voltinha do jardim

Today LIVE FROM RONDÔNIA! (well, er, almost) :mrgreen:

I have been thinking for a while (and I mean weeks — or has it been months?) to give you a little tour of our garden. I was hesitating between taking pictures or making a little video. Finally I’ve decided on the latter (also because Mahie did just that too). You’ll hear me speak en français, but I’ll write in English below.

For an unknown reason, the video stopped before I had time to finish my little tour… Sorry!

*cravo-de-defuntos/tagetes (pt) = marigold (en) = oeillet d’Inde (fr)
*peace lilies (en) = lys de la paix (fr)
*Zee Zee plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) (en) = plante ZZ en français (ha ha)

As you can see, we were out of luck this time as not many flowers are blooming. If I’d had the time to finish, you would have seen the Caju tree which is not in top shape (there are evil ants all over it) but giving fruits nonetheless. Also, this garden has nothing of the luxurious tropical foliage I’d like to have. My dream is something like this:

image is not mine [click for source]

or that:

image is not mine [click for source]
(with or without the pool… but with would be better! –please God, and thank you! 😉 )

I really like my samambaias (ferns/ fougères). I have planted no less than four different types  so far and I’ve noticed another kind in the church yard that I’ll pick as soon as I buy another hanging plant pot. My favorite is the samambaia de metro (or meter-long fern) that I have hanging in the terrace above the front window. Not only do the leaves get to be about a meter long (!), but they also have a pretty shape:

samambaia de metro (polypodium subauriculatum)
Samambaia Paulista (Nephrolepis pectinata) — the most commun — and another “curly” samambaia I haven’t identified yet.
Samambaia Azul — Blue Fern, name given by the seller, not sure of its real name — and the other curly one I haven’t identified…

I am also super excited with my two new jasmine plants that I’ve grown from branches cut from the “mother” plant, let grown some roots in water, and now voilà I have two other new plants!

This might be the first and last time you’ll see a video of the plants in THIS garden as we are to move to the house next door in a couple of months, after the current tenant is gone, and after some repairs are done to the place. The house will be better than this one. One less bedroom (the three boys will have to share one), but with a much needed garage and most importantly the privacy that is greatly missing in this house. In a hot country where one lives with the windows open all year round, one understands why people tend to have their houses surrounded by 2-meters high walls (though in larger cities it is first of all because of the high burglary rate).

6 comentários sobre “uma voltinha do jardim

    • Oui! Y’a 2 cocotiers (déjà grands) et un pied de papaye (un peu vieux, les fruits sont assez hauts), des pieds de Noni (des fruits qui puent…), un acérola (malade) et plein d’hibiscus… J’en oublie peut-être mais au moins je n’aurais pas à me préoccuper d’une haie: c’est muré! 🙂

  1. Je suis tout à fait jalouse de tes citronniers/orangers!!! 🙂 J’ai essayé d’en avoir un sur mon balcon mais la canicule de l’été (25 degrès Celcius entre le 1er et le 15 août ;)) n’a pas suffit à sa survie… snif…

    • Je viens de découvrir que la pousse que j’ai planté à terre (entre les 2 falsa-érica) est en fait un fruit de la passion!!! Youpie! (en plus y’en a d’autres dans le coin du jardin où j’avais craché des graines! 😉 )

  2. Merci pour ce tour de jardin c’est sympa de découvrir à la fois ta voix et ton “environnement” 🙂 Tellement ta maison des maisons françaises!
    J’ai du enlever ma vidéo de visite du jardin car El Hijito y apparaissait quelques secondes et il ne voulait pas être sur Internet 😦 ce que je comprends… Mais bon… Tant pis pour ma vidéo…

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