Who said “exotic”?

Last year, when we arrived in Brazil and staying with the in-laws (in the state of São Paulo), my first outing with my mother-in-law was to go to the market. (You must know, by now, that I really enjoy exploring markets.) I was probably jaw gaping at the many fresh tropical fruits, when I noticed a sign behind the vendor that said something along the lines of “we sell exotic fruits upon request, please inquire here” and all around the sign were amplified pictures of… strawberries, cherries, and pears. :mrgreen:

Yes, “exotic” doesn’t mean “tropical”. I was slowly starting to realize that I had moved to a very different country to the one I had grown accustomed to.

A few months later, we were now living here in Rondônia, I wrote a FB status that said “The world is upside down! Over here lemons are orange and (ripe) oranges are green!”. True. Even “simple” fruits that are grown for exportation, and thus available in Argentina, France and Canada, are simply different here. I constantly have to ask “what is this?” at the market. Not only because I still don’t recognize some of the local fruits, but sometimes because I can’t see the difference between lemons and oranges.


***For more “exotic” pictures, it’s over there.

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  1. This is so funny! One of these unique “cultural differences” moments that make life abroad fun. Like you, I enjoy markets… best way to see a country’s culture and observe locals!

    • Euh. Comment dire? Si tu mets dans la balance des fraises quelques semaines par ans (et pas bonnes tous les ans, il faut avouer) et de l’autre les bananes (plusieurs sortes), les papayes, les noix de coco (l’eau de coco est délicieuse) à longueur d’année plus les autres fruits selon la saison… Et bien: non! :mrgreen:

    • Oui, l’autre jour la fille d’une voisine est passée en coup de vent (sa mère attendait dans la voiture) pour donner un sac remplit de “…” (j’ai pas entendu/pas comprit) de la ferme. “Oh merci, c’est gentil!” me suis-je exclamée. Une fois à l’intérieur je me suis dépéché de peller un fruit, en pensant que c’était un sac d’oranges… Ben non, c’était des citrons!!! 😀

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