Cough, snort, sneeze and mucus (this is not pretty)

I’ve been sick for the past week.

D generously shared another tropical virus with me. Headache, muscles tiredness, cough, sinusitis and to end with a flourish: voice extinction.

Thanks be to God, the children haven’t caught it. Yet. I’ve been giving them some Propolis (a resinous mixture collected by honey bees, used in natural medicine for the relief of inflammations, viral diseases, ulcers, superficial burns —dixit Wiki*) drops with their water 2 to 3 times a day. Hoping that it helps. It usually does wonders for us, but we have been fighting several strange (for us) flues since we’ve been here. That was a nasty one. Adjusting to the climate is definitely not only adjusting to being hot rather than cold, but, as we are learning, getting our bodies to fight different viruses.

Back in Canada we were rarely sick more than once or twice a year. D and I might be two unlucky persons for a lot of things, but we have been truly blessed with great health. However since we’ve arrived in Rondônia one year ago, it has rarely passed one month without one of us being sick with a virus, flu of some kind. Our bodies are definitely NOT acclimated yet.

We had considered many things before moving from Canada to Brasil. The climate was one of the greatest point that tilted the balance to come here, but we didn’t consider having to live in the North in a state where there is still Dengue, Malaria, and God knows what other sort of viruses that goes around. I am shocked when I hear stories of procedures gone wrong at the hospital (one of the duties of hubby-the-pastor is to visit the sick), recoveries that take longer than they should… Not surprisingly people who have the means prefer to travel all the way to São Paulo for a routine procedure.

It will be a relief when we’ll have to make a big move again. I am not thinking of the upcoming move next door 🙄 , I mean I’m looking forward to move SOUTH, closer to the in-laws, closer to a major airport, closer to… civilization.

May the Lord keep you all in good health.

8 comentários sobre “Cough, snort, sneeze and mucus (this is not pretty)

  1. Avec des petits enfants toutes ces maladies un peu bizarres (d’un point de vue europée…) ça doit être assez flippant parfois! Je comprends que tu aies envie de te rapprocher de “la civilisation” (malgré tous les défauts qu’elle peut avoir par ailleurs…) J’espère que tu te remets peu à peu. Je ne prie pas mais je crois les doigts pour que tu te rapproches d’un coin qui te plaise plus.

    • Curieusement, et heureusement, ce sont les petits qui ont l’air le moins perturbés. Probablement parce qu’ils ont un métabolisme plus rapide, et eux mêmes constament en contact avec plein de microbes (ils jouent dans le jardin tous les jours). Merci pour les… doigts croisés! 😉

  2. Rien qu’à la lecture de “virus tropical” moi j’aurais peur mais apparemment ce ne sont que des moments pénibles à passer.
    Il faut que je me replonge dans la lecture de ce blog, ça ne faisait pas longtemps que vous étiez arrivés au Brésil que je me suis arrêtée. Il a dû s’en passer des choses depuis 🙂

    • Oui pour ma mère hypochondriaque à chaque fois que j’ai un “virus tropical”, je suis à la porte de la mort. C’est pénible, c’est sûr, mais les gens d’ici ne meurent visiblement pas comme des mouches, quand même! 😀

    • I don’t know if it’s because the weather is warm or because the viruses are more persistent, but I agree with you. The flu over here is not just a flu, it’s like a monster flu! 😯

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