Falta pouco

Já mudaron?

Ainda não, falta pouco…

(“Have you moved yet? Not yet, in a bit…)

It has been weeks that we’ve been “just about” to move next door. The repairs have been done, freshly and horribly painted. The concrete floor outside has a fresh coat of paint. When D asked the repair guy why he chose green instead of the usual grey. He replied that grey looked “sad” to him! Now with the walls brown and white and the green floor outside, it seriously looks like a daycare. 😆

One of the bedrooms had a flashy pink wall so we’d simply asked to have it painted white like the rest of the house — it is after all going to be the boys room — but the guy repainted it… the same flashy pink color!!! 😯 So D had to spend a couple of days repainting that stupid wall. As a struck of good luck, on the same day he was applying the last coat of paint it started pouring rain outside and water came dripping on his hand. The roof that had supposedly no leak, had some. So now, D took care of that too.

I have been spending my afternoons transplanting all that I’ve been planting in the last year from here into the other garden. It is now starting to look pretty nice over there. Here it’s more like a war zone with holes everywhere that I haven’t bothered to patch up. They are going to destroy the house anyway. Why should I bother?

The new place is going to be better. Not great, but better.

First, it’s not on a street corner so I won’t feel the eyes of everyone on me each time I open a bedroom window in the morning, half asleep and with messy hair, or when I strangely decide to water the garden at night, once the kids are in bed.

Second, although it’s right next door to a school (and I mean really next door, there is a (locked) entrance and several windows –translucent but not transparent– on our garden side), not being in a street corner means we won’t hear the circulation all around the house and especially not as much of the publicity trucks and motorcycles. Weekdays are so noisy, I should illustrate this in a video sometime.

Third, one less bedroom (the three boys will have to share one), but a much needed garage… Which means that we won’t have to park our bikes in hubby’s office and that he won’t have to go all around the back of the church to park the car. Each thing in its place.

Now, for how long will we be living there, that’s another question.

12 comentários sobre “Falta pouco

  1. Moving for better is good even if the process is… ahem… slow. Flashy pink, really? Oh well. I guess you can tell your boys to draw on the wall!

  2. Ah je ne savais pas qu’un déménagement était éminent! Maintenant il nous faut une autre vidéo de ton (nouveau) jardin! 🙂
    Le seul mot que je n’ai pas compris dans ton texte et que je n’ai pas trouvé non plus dans le dico :
    “daycare” je me demande si c’est un dispensaire style croix rouge? Une unité de soin de jour? lol J’ai de l’imagination…
    J’aime bien te lire en anglais ça m’évite d’oublier l’anglais que ‘ai pratique quotidiennement pendant 10 ans…
    Et auquel j’ai toujours préféré mon espagnol chéri 😉
    Bon ben bon courage pour ce déménagement miss Mafalda! 🙂

    • On a commencé aujourd’hui avec les boîtes de livres qu’on n’avait pas encore déballées et autres trucs qu’on utilise pas tous les jours. Pour les meubles plus lourds et l’électroménager D va avoir besoin d’aide et s’organiser pour avoir assez de volontaires le même jour… L’avantage d’être juste à côté est qu’on a pas besoin de s’épuiser en une seule journée (et c’est moins traumatisant pour les enfants et le chat).

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