A força da natureza

Am I getting used to it, or is the paint job on the floor not so bad after all? Note, however, that it graciously goes from green to red-brown to grey… 😆

This house is definitely a step up from the other one. The garden all around the house is fantastic for the kids to run, play, and chase each other while screaming. Ahhh, love this overgrown, messy, wonderful garden!

Palm trees! (Malok-the-cat) Noni trees! Hibiscus! Passion fruit!

As I opened my kitchen window yesterday morning, a light breeze came in accompanied by a delicious perfume. As if on a spell, washing the dishes, a chore that I otherwise greatly dislike turned out to be not so bad after all.

A marvelous perfume. Here some call it “café cheroso” (perfumed coffee) but my G*gle friend hasn’t confirmed that name…

At the market I would have bought half a dozen plants to the flower lady had I not been limited by weight (as usual I had come biking). I ended up coming back home with a erva-cidreira (pretty flowers and really good herbal tea) and some kind of small papyrus that reminds me of mi abuela‘s tiny but luscious backyard in Argentina.

After planting my new finds, my boys and I ate a couple of acerolas from the tree. These little beauties are full of vitamin C – one of them contains something crazy in the ranges of one thousand times the amount of your daily needs. Super awesome fantastical tropical fruit.


In the afternoon, I sat in front of the house watching two ara birds play-fight on the highest coconut tree across the street. The wind was still blowing as if about to rain. The boys kept asking for more of the mate that I was drinking.

What a marvelous day. It seemed all the nature around kept reminding me of the main reason we came to this country. I had a smile on my face until bed time.

14 comentários sobre “A força da natureza

  1. Les acerolas ont une super réputation jusqu’en France 🙂 ce jardin a effectivement l’air très chouette!!!! Le sol vert est un peu étrange d’un point de vu français mais si c’est la mode au Brésil… 🙂 C’est une question d’habitude 😉

    • Oui, j’aime bien la terrasse couverte devant et sur le côté de la maison, comme ça on peut profiter de l’espace extérieur même quand il pleut (parce qu’il fait toujours chaud).

    • Je me régale. J’ai déjà planté plusieurs bougainvilliers de couleurs différentes. J’ai prévu un p’tit tour du jardin pour bientôt par ici! 🙂

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