Estou de férias

Sorry for the lack of news over here, we are on vacation! Yeepee.

Plane n°1

We took two small planes on Saturday, all went well, by some miracle there were no connection problems. After five hours flying and two hours driving, we arrived safe and sound on the “other side”, including all our luggage. That’s a short travel to see family in our books, it had only been 14 months since our last visit. We are visiting my in-law’s, os avós (grand-parents), in the state of São Paulo where it’s surprisingly cold for the season. We are supposed to be in summer, but it’s raining and only 17°C… I had not planned on winter clothes and all long sleeves and pants were left behind. So the kids were shivering. Argh. Mother-in-law and I went shopping, but all clothing stores carry only summer clothes. Argh again. We finally found two long sleeves shirts at a brecho (second-hand store) this morning. She is now making a sleeveless sweater for Uriel and teaching me how to crochet. We were both crocheting all afternoon, while the kids were jumping, screaming and making a lot of noise in front of us in the living room, and the men repairing something or other. Fun times.

I enjoy immensely spending time with family. It happens only too seldom.

8 comentários sobre “Estou de férias

    • If I were still living in Canada, I’d be laughing with you, but wearing only short sleeves and no heating system in the houses, believe me: we feel the COLD!!! 😯 (I tell hubby that I must be a real Brazilian now! 😉 )

  1. C’est chouette de se retrouver en famille surtout quand c’est si rare!
    J’adore faire du crochet, j’en fai presque tous les jours en ce moment! 🙂 En plus pour progresser y’a plein de vidéos sur youtube…

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