Escolinha (2)

If you recall, last year we were wondering what to do about school for our oldests (the twins). Apparently the law has changed recently for the public schools in Brazil and they could start this year when they have reached their fourth birthday (in May). On the other hand, the private (thus expensive) Lutheran school next door has changed its schoolmistress. She is a pastor’s wife herself, knows about our financial situation, and came personally to let us know that we could apply for “family bursaries” to cover for tuition fees for our boys. We thought that this was the answer to our constant “what to do?” question.

Then we were given ALL the paperwork. We discussed. Thought some more.

Finally we’ve decided to keep them all one more year at home. I imagined myself preparing the boys for school, accompanying them with Uriel in tow, having only Uriel at home, taking care of him as an only child while his brothers are in school, and then going to pick up the older brothers from school on time. EVERY DAY. That wouldn’t simplify my life at all.

One big advantage of having my children so close in age is that they play together. Sure there is the occasional fight, crying, and such, but they have always been together and play together all day long. Which means that I can go about doing my daily chores while I hear them play. I might be interrupted a thousand times each morning (to accompany them one after the other to the bathroom, for example), but I don’t necessarily need to stay with them on all four and play cars or building block (though I enjoy this, once in a while).

Plus, there is the (hopefully very high) possibility of us having to move in a couple of months.

Next year though, they will all start school at the same time. That will be a strange feeling.

6 comentários sobre “Escolinha (2)

  1. J’adore quand mon fils invite son meilleur copain (et voisin), ils jouent calmement, se raconte des histoires (comme en ce moment même) je sais que c’est beaucoup plus sympa pour lui et pour aussi!!
    C’est sûr que ça va te faire drôle de ne plus les avoir à la maison toute la journée! mais bon l’école finit tôt je suppose? Ici 16h30 ça ne laisse pas beaucoup de temps “para echarle de menos!”

  2. En Suisse, mon fils ne commencera l’école qu’à 4 ans et demi, compte tenu de sa date de naissance… C’est-à-dire dans un an et demi ! Il est (pour le moment) fils unique, mais en ce moment, il a une grand-mère, un grand-père et deux taties ravies de jouer avec lui (ainsi que de lui brosser les dents et de le faire dormir, waouh, quel repos pour moi ! Presque trop, d’ailleurs… 😉

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