Nuit Blanche

In all my “wild” years as a music student, practicing a couple of hours everyday, going to concerts at night, dancing tango a dozen hours per week, I never managed to pull an all nighter. I would sleep in late in the morning, have a nap in the afternoon, and be fresh(er) the day after.

Well, that was, er, more than ten years ago.

This week, for the first time in my life, and for an unknown reason, I didn’t sleep at all from the night of Wednesday to Thursday. Not a wink. Each time I would lie down to try to sleep, I would start coughing (we all had some kind of a cold last week), but then I would stand, drink a sip of water, sit at the computer and be fine. I did this twice then just gave up to try to sleep. I put some music in my ears, and started sewing the night away. I caught up on the small repairs and a few projects that were pilling up. I started the night frustrated with that insomnia, but ended up quite happy with all the music I listened to and the sewing I finished. Uninterrupted.

In the small hours of the morning I opened the front door and enjoyed the quiet of the sleeping town and the sunrise. With a soundtrack in my ears. It was wonderful.

The strangest in all of this is that the following day I was fine. I didn’t even need a nap in the afternoon! Weird, uh?

At 9:30pm, though, I was fast asleep.

With my clothes on.


4 comentários sobre “Nuit Blanche

  1. Je n’ai pas souvent fait de nuits blanches, mais il me semble aussi que les rares fois où ça m’est arrivé, j’étais plutôt en forme le lendemain ! En général, c’est plutôt le jour d’après que c’est dur… 😉

  2. Eh ben, tu en as de la chance 🙂 Quand je n’arrive pas à dormir, je commence à avoir le vertige, en général vers 1 ou 2 heures du matin, c’est fort désagréable! Et pour le boulot, je vais devoir passer 12 heures (8 heures du soir à 8 heures du matin) réveillée, je ne me réjouis pas du tout!

    • J’espère que tu pourras faire une longue sieste la veille de ta nuit blanche… Je suspecte que la grosse chaleur ici me détraque un peu le système parce qu’entre midi et 14h on est tous léthargiques même si on résiste de s’endormir à la force du café (que j’ai commencé à boire, même si je n’aime pas de tout). Bonne chance!

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