Once again in the supermarket, I was looking at the ingredients on the package of some crackers, and trying to keep my monkeys from jumping on top of the shelves with my big eyes and French mouth, when someone came behind me and exclaimed something along the line of “where are you from?” ! (It seems the grocery store is as good a place as any to meet people).

She was clearly excited.

Usually people are curious, but not that happy to see me as a long lost friend. I had never seen the woman before and yet it seemed I was a friend. She had noticed that the children and I were not speaking Portuguese and noticed, too, that was dressed “different”.  I believed I had my hair up in braids and a long skirt… Yes, that’s unusual for Brazilians ! 😉 She is from Bolivia, married to a Brazilian, and has been living in this town for over 10 years. When I told her that I was born in Argentina we quickly switched to Spanish, though after speaking Portuguese on a daily basis, my Spanish is now polluted with Portugnol. It’s a disaster. Then she asked me if I liked it here, I had to admit that it was difficult. She seemed moved to find a fellow foreigner and asked me if she could contact me through FB.

I hope she does.

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Oi! Tudo bom?

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