It seems that the wet season is finally coming to an end. The upside is that there will gradually be less mosquitoes, the downside is that the heat will become unbearable. It literally knocks you down. Even local natives all need their siesta in the middle of the day to catch up on some Zzz’s. Most of them wake up at the crack of dawn to take advantage of the cooler hours, they also like to enjoy the evening hours too, which makes for pretty short nights! Hence the need of the mid-day break. I have never been a morning person, but since the kids start school at 7.30 AM, I have started waking up at 6 AM, and becoming a “real” Rondônian!

Our garden around the house has grown like a jungle. We have enjoyed fresh taioba (yummy spinach-like greens), sucked on sugar cane, and drank maracujá (passion fruit) juice almost everyday with the fruits from the garden. The maracujá vines, instead of climbing orderly on the support we had installed for them, have grown all over the acerola and jabuticaba trees and even climbed on the coconut tree! So we have to wait for the ripe fruits to fall on the ground.

A marvelous jungle.

6 comentários sobre “Verde

  1. Quelle belle présentation pourt ton blog!!! Jolies photos, chat adorable… Et tout ce que tu décris est bien exotique!
    Dans mon jardin des figues se préparent, elles sont minuscules pour l’instant et et de minuscules pêches pointent leur nez…

    • Mmmh, les figues… ça fait envie. Ici il paraît que ça pousse aussi, mais mon premier essaie a été un échec. Peut-être un problème de sol ou climat trop ou pas assez humide, qui sait? 😦

    • Actually, for someone who has been used to the four seasons, both of these seem long in their own. Do you prefer the very hot/very dry or hot/humid/mosquitoes combo? 😛

    • Ça pousse un peu n’importe comment, ça fait bazar, mais c’est vrai qu’il n’y rien de mieux que les fruits frais. Ceux-là sont de la sorte qui est acide, donc on ne peut rien faire d’autre que du jus, mais qui reste quand même bien meilleur que quand on le fait avec de la pulpe congelée! 🙂

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