Rio Grande do Sul

Well, it seems that something is finally happening. D received a Call to serve as a pastor in a congregation in the South of Brazil. And by “the South” I really mean it since the state of Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost state in Brazil.

We hoped for a placement “more towards the South” to be closer to his parents who live near Sao Paulo and easier to visit for my mom who lives in Buenos Aires. (I haven’t seen her in 4 years, she still hasn’t met Uriel).

So that’s pretty much right in between. It’s a small town though, and very far from the coast, but I suppose we can’t have it all. I think, too, that a small town in the South will feel less like the end of the world than here in Rondônia. Easier of access with better roads compared to the North, a railroad too, I think, and the people’s accent is easier for me to understand !

The decision has not been made yet, D has a couple of weeks to meditate upon it and pray.



Mostly excited.

10 comentários sobre “Rio Grande do Sul

    • Yeah, no more Amazon for us, that’s for sure… Doing the touristy tour is one thing, but living here is another… Not very culturally stimulating! On the other hand, what I’ve heard of RS sounds a lot like Uruguay and Argentina as far as the gaucho culture goes, and I like to drink my mate! (though I still have to learn to do the chimarao the Brazilian way…)

  1. je comprends ton excitation! J’ai bien aimé lire tes aventures ” amazoniennes” mais je suis moi aussi impatiente de découvrir comment c’est là bas, dans le sud. Bonne chance et bon courage.

  2. Ah oui je vois sur la carte que ça va faire un sacré changement! 🙂
    J’ai hate pour toi ! qui sera la première à déménager? Mystère! Car nous c’est pas encore fait non plus 😉

Oi! Tudo bom?

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