The last draft for a blog post has been waiting for two months. Hopefully it will be ready some time soon. Life gets in the way. Lately it was the unbearable heat, the non-sleeping nights, the sleepwalking days.

The trip planning.

You’ve read that right. After two years of non-stop Amazonian temperatures, we are finally on vacation at the in-laws. (Yay!) In-laws who live in the thankfully cooler state of Sao Paulo. Admittedly it’s pretty hard to beat the Rondônian temperatures unless we go live in the middle of the Sahara desert, which I have absolutely no intention of experiencing. It is also very nice to visit family and for the kids to be with their grand-parents.

Yes, there is another set of grand-parents too, my parents who haven’t missed reminding me that they haven’t seen the kids for even longer than two years… My dad in France, my mom in Argentina. How are we supposed to make this happen?  Hubby and my father don’t even get along, so I have very little motivation to painfully put money aside for a very expensive trip to Europe (even if visiting childhood friends in France would indeed be lovely). And my mom, well, her apartment in Buenos-Aires, albeit comfortable for a single person, is not big enough to have the five of us drop by. We would love to have her come visit, but we don’t have the room in our small house either, and besides, there is frankly nothing to see up there. -move along! move along!- Imagine, have her travel so far, spend money to visit us and have her become sick for two weeks with some tropical disease? No thank you.

Ah, the drama of an extended family who lives at the four corners of the planet.

Incredible, they are NOT wearing shorts!

In the mean time we are enjoying the cooler temperatures, being active, walking every day around the neighborhood to the numerous beautiful playgrounds (compared to the one and only beat up place in the town where we live – shame, shame). We are having our fill of shopping trips as well. Here, supermarkets sell more than one kind of tea. I’m going to bring back a very nice stash in my luggage. The postal service works better too. My dad sent French books for the children before our arrival and we received them ten days after shipping from France! My old trusted kindle saddly died two days after arriving, and its replacement arrived only one day after ordering it! It would probably have taken one or two weeks to arrive up north.

Ah, civilization!

Their favorite colorful playground in a “forest” of eucalyptus.

Sadly we have return tickets at the beginning of next month. I don’t even want to think about it.

12 comentários sobre “Entr’acte

  1. Every time I see your boys, the picture of them as newborns flashes in front of my eyes. Life is amazing. From babies to little boys…

    I hear you about the grand-parents issue. It’s not easy to see everyone when you live abroad or have a multicultural family. What’s the deal between your husband and your dad?

    • Do you remember when you asked me why I wanted to go to boarding school as a teenager? Well, let’s just say that we wouldn’t be a happy family if we had to live close to my dad.

  2. Ah la civilisation ! on en est vraiment loin en Amazonie, même chez nous , les aires de jeux n’existent pas … ( ou plutôt plus …). On lance des fusées, mais la moitié de la ville n’est plus éclairée la nuit. Les campagnes de démoustication ont cessé tout le monde attrape des arboviroses inconnues qu’on ne soigne pas, le bonheur ! Et cette année la saison sèche est terriblement chaude.
    Bon courage ! J’espère que vous réussirez à voir vos parents.
    Depuis août Azul propose des vols régulières vers Cayenne et de là, vous pouvez aller en France pour environ 500€ en période creuse.

      • Nous sommes à Kourou, donc en France ! Coincés entre l’océan et la forêt avec 5 enfants instruits en famille, à côté d’une église protestante d’où s’élèvent des cantiques en portugais. J’ai donc souvent une pensée pour vous que je ne connais pas en les entendant chanter. Internet ….

        • J<ai dú aller voir sur internet. Ah je vous visualise mieux maintenant. Je ne savais pas qu<on parlait aussi portugais en Guyane francaise. J<en apprend des trucs sur internet! 🙂 Je suis curieuse a propos de la scolarite en francais de tes/vos enfants (je ne sais pas si on se tutoie ou pas? J<ai trop vecu au Canada le vouvoiement me parait etrange). Vous suivez le CNED?

  3. Ton Kindle déjà kaput? Ben zut alors! Il a pas aimé pas le climat? Le meine qui a 3 ans résiste bien pour l’instant.
    Dis-donc pas facile comme tu dis d’avoir une famille au 4 “coins” du monde… C’est là qu’avoir un peu plus de pépètes serait utile pour pouvoir voyager comme qui rigole et se loger dans un appart à Paris ou Buenos Aires sans se demander combien ça coûte…
    Mais ne deviez-vous pas déménager bientôt?

    • Le mien avait 4 ans et je viens de lire dans mon nouveau que la temperature ambiante conseillee est entre 10 et 32 degres… Considerant que nous avions plus de 34 degres tous les soirs dans notre chambre les derniers mois, ceci expliquerait donc cela… Quant au demenagement c<est une autre histoire. Il faudra que je raconte.

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