Where we live now (2)

When I googled my new address, it was very hard to find the new house. First because there is a misspelling in the name of the street (I’m still unsure if the error is from Google or from the majority of the residents of this street — there is no official street sign anywhere), but mainly because the Google pictures were older than the house itself. All I could see was a half constructed house. The property wasn’t even walled (a security hazard in Latin America) and, frankly, after our last experience, I was afraid to end in another carelessly constructed house. Our part of the street seemed unpaved (meaning lots of extra poeira -dust- during the dry months) and we would once again be at a street corner (meaning lots of extra noise from the street all around the house)…

But upon arrival we had some nice surprises. The house itself is smaller, but has the same number of rooms than the previous one (1 master bedroom + ensuite, 2 bedrooms -the three boys are still sharing one since D needs a study to work-, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen/dining, 1 service room, 1 carport). More importantly the house is generally built with greater care, with material of better quality.

The ceiling is made of what they call laje which are concrete slabs. So much better than the shitty uneven wood paneling that was our ceiling in the last house. Not only was it very poor insulation from the scorching heart that came down from the roof, but it allowed a constant shower of dust and dead bugs to fall on the furniture, floors, our heads and along the walls. It was a disgusting nightmare.

The street corner.
The wall.

Now we are in a corner lot and the street is still not paved, but we are at the end of our street with thankfully very little traffic. As you can see there is a high wall and gates all around too!

The end of our street.
Our house.
Our lot is attached to the church, making for one giant play space for the kids to roam.
The church.
An explorer in action.


4 comentários sobre “Where we live now (2)

  1. Ce qui me frappe le plus en regardant les photos c’est la couleur de la terre! Je vois ton fils habillé légèrement : il doit faire chaud, orageux?
    C’est chouette d’être juste à côté de l’église 🙂
    Je ne vois pas de fleurs? Tu vas avoir du boulot en plantation?
    A priori vous êtes là pour combien de temps?

    • Il fait chaud mais c’est beaucoup moins pénible qu’à Rondônia. Non, c’est vrai y’a pas trop de fleurs dans le jardin, mais il n’y a eu qu’un seul locataire brièvement avant nous, donc petit à petit je pense planter quelques petites merveille. Pour combien de temps et une bonne question, mais dont je n’ai pas la réponse.

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