Shortly after my parents visit, the boys started their school year. First year of primary school for the twins and last year of kindergarten for Uriel. It is their first time going to different schools so I was a little apprehensive, but once again I can’t see why because they all went off joyfully to school. No cries, no stress, nothing. Pretty cool. Luckily both schools are a few streets away from home (in different directions), so we all get a healthy walk (or run) before and after school (double for me). Why pay a monthly fee for a gym when you can simply walk your kids to school? 🙂

After I left off, last time I wrote, the language school called me back asking if, in addition to the French classes, I could also teach German (!!!)  “Yes, of course” I replied, while thinking that I certainly didn’t see that one coming (I was not a very good German student as a teenager, in France). Seeing that I speak six languages apparently greatly impressed them, and in their logic I can certainly teach all of them. They seem not to understand, though, that teaching French for one hour immediately followed by an hour of German is not a great idea. In the first 10 minutes of German, my brain has a tendency to have wires crossed… All the Portuguese, French and German files want to say “hello” at the same time and I get funny looks from my students. Luckily they are aware of my hexalingual status and are too amazed themselves to complain about it. So we have a good laugh and go on with our lesson! haha.

I am obviously enjoying the teaching job greatly. The school provides the teacher with the teaching program (thus reduced preparation time), facilities (classroom and white board), and students (the secretaries take care of the payments), but in return the teacher gets paid only a little fraction of what the students are paying for lessons. I would definitely earn more if I were giving private lessons. At the same time, most adult students are only interested in evening classes, so that greatly reduces the possibilities of more hours. I only teach from 7PM to 9PM, from Monday to Thursday. I told them that they could give me younger students at earlier hours, but I think that they reserve the English groups for all the rest of the teachers (there is a much greater interest in English, and  consequently more English teachers — I am their only French and German teacher for both schools).

This is all the fun stuff.

Then there is the other side of the coin that makes hubby and I constantly wonder if we haven’t made a huge and expensive mistake moving from Canada to Brazil. There is too much I would like to say about this, it will probably be for another post. It saddens me and exhausts me too. I don’t want to move again so soon.

Our spiritual  and financial struggles are weighing down on us.


4 comentários sobre “Hexalingual

    • Most Brazilians from German origins are from the Southern states of Santa Catarina or Rio Grande do Sul. So in our church, here in SP, or even in Rondônia and Goiás, most Lutherans of German origins are second or third generation of Germans who initially arrived and settled in the South of Brazil. Very few of them speak German. In Rondõnia there were also a lot of clear skinned Brazilian Lutherans who came from the state of Espirito Santo, but the little German they know is a dialect called Pomerano from a region between Germany and Poland.

  1. Je n’arrive même pas à imaginer votre vie là-bas à part le peu que tu nous en racontes, mais je peux imaginer que ce n’est pas facile et je t’admire! Quelle persévérance! Je t’envoie plein de courage!!

  2. Enseigner l’allemand avec du français et du portugais dans la tête effectivement ça doit pas être très facile!
    Heureusement que je ne dois pas enseigner l’allemand! lol
    Je n’ai pas très bien compris le dernier paragraphe : un déménagement est vraiment de nouveau à l’ordre du jour?
    gros bisous

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