I know, I know, this is a sad excuse of a blog (last entry was 3 months ago, seriously?!), but instead of getting lost is a stream of the usual unconvincing excuses (busy or lazy? Maybe both), here are some news.

The children have their winter break for the entire month of July. D has decided to finally take a much needed vacation at the same time (his last vacation was in October 2015, when we were still living in Rondônia, before moving for 9 months in Goiás, then moving again to where we are now — 2016 was a busy year of tiring changes). And on my end, the language schools are having what they call a “recess”; the usual classes are suspended, but some individual private students still have occasional lessons. So, our month has been chaotic to say the least. Our usual routine of

school, work, church,

has been replace by

play at home, play at the park, check out the downtown parks, medical appointments, and a day at the beach (2-hours away)

all these activities performed together as a family, as opposed to the usual debate of “who is going to take the kids while the other has to work or go somewhere”. And lately, for me, night classes for the drivers license. You’ve read that right. I have to go through the whole process of a first driver’s license again… *BIG SIGH OF ANNOYANCE*

I will tell you all the sad little details of the Brazilian bureaucracies another day, because I am not mentally prepared to write anything more than AAAAAAAAAArgh!!! and *BIG GRUNT* right now.

Our day at the beach had been long awaited by the kids. They had seen the sea for the first time one very dark, cold and cloudy day when they were accompanying their dad who was conducting a service in São Sebastião. “That’s a lot of water”, they said, greatly impressed. Of course they have been wanting to go back ever since. Never mind that here July is the winter month (thankfully dry but cold by Brazilian standard, 15°C in the house this morning), and finding a sunny but not too cold day was not any easy task. MIL and I were checking the weather reports. We both planned the family excursion with relish; how long had we waited to have such an outing, including grand-parents, uncle, his girlfriend, D and I and the kids? A dream come true! We packed two cars with food and drinks for the day (it turned out to be enough for the whole week if we had been  planning to stay!), woke up at 6 am on a very foggy day (OMG I hope it clears up! It’s SUPPOSED to clear up!), and drove up and down to the coast. The road frightfully  dangerous, zig zaging down the mountain… but we made it in one piece. And, oh, the view!


The beach of Lagoinha was perfect for the kids. There were enough waves to be fun, but not too deep for a long while, allowing them to “swim” by themselves. But the most enjoyable, really, is the smell of the sea and the sound of the surf. Relaxing and therapeutic.

5 comentários sobre “Ubatuba

    • Non pas du tout, l’eau est très bonne, pratiquement température ambiante. (15 degrés c’est le matin, au soleil l’aprés-midi il fait autour de 25 ces jours-ci. Agréable au soleil mais un peu frais à l’ombre, on a besoin d’un gilet!).

  1. I always have a hard time picturing “winter” in Brazil. Even though temperatures aren’t cold by most standards, the difference with the other hot and humid months must be striking. Curitiba is said to be the coldest city… I wonder how cold it actually gets. I’ve seen winter jackets on sale last time we were there, like the kind we use in Canada!

    Also, thank you for reminding me that not ALL Brazilians go to the beach on a daily basis! There are many cities inland, like where you lived (live?).

    • Keep in mind that the houses are no heated. So, while the temperatures do not get very cold by Canadian standards, we need extra layers when the temperature goes under 15°C… and even before that. NOT wearing flip-flops needs some getting used to. 🙂

      As for the beach, absolutely. It might be the number one destination for tourists, but most Brazilians do not live by the coast.

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