The boys have started school again, and you know what I miss about Brazil? The uniforms.

There are a lot of things that can be said about the superior quality of education in Canada, but I miss the uniforms of a third-world country!

In Brazil all the kids wear uniforms for school, from kindergarten to secondary school, public and private schools alike. People like uniforms so much that a lot of jobs that I wasn’t used to see with uniforms, require their employees to wear one (pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, driver’s schools, etc.). It usually consists of comfortable shorts and T-shirt, sometimes a pair of pants and a light jacket too (optional — in states with cooler climates only), in a resistant and very washable fabric. It’s cheap, durable, and oh so practical. The boys had each two pairs of uniforms, and I simply needed to wash the dirty one while the other was being used.

RO 2015
GO 2016
SP 2016
SP 2017

4 comentários sobre “Saudades

  1. The anarchist in me is completely against the idea of uniforms, but the mother in me agrees with you: it must be practical! From what I saw in Brazil, most uniforms are actually pretty straightforward too. I find the British ones way too complicated and conservative!

    • When every kid wears a uniform, nobody cares who has changed clothes everyday in the past week (unless it starts to stink! ha ha), or who has a new pair of pants, or whose mom only buys second-hand clothes. Uniforms frees you from all that bull shit that should have no room in a kid’s school.

      • Hi!! For some reason, I cannot comment on my own site, but thanks for checking in on me. I’ve been reading through your posts to see how YOU are doing. 🙂 (I’m doing fine, but life is a little hectic and the constant negativity of US and Brazilian politics instigated a small social media time-out on my part). I COMPLETELY agree with you. As someone who grew up quite poor, I love these simple t-shirt uniforms. Who’s wearing the newest Abercrombie and Fitch $150 t-shirt? Who’s wearing their older brother’s uniform from last year? Who knows. We’re all wearing these t-shirts that are covered in dirt and sweat stains (Governador Valadares) by week two anyway. And on the reverse side, my kids are probably some of the wealthier students in their school, and I’m equally glad that they aren’t identified as such by their clothing. I was mortified when my son mentioned his iPad in school. I’ve been the student that didn’t have the things the wealthier students have and I understand that feeling. (Some of the students don’t have SHOES!!!) We had a long talk about that one. Long live the t-shirt uniform, say I!

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