All over the world

Stuff is happening all over the place with my extended family.

Europe. My French cousin is a mom! Yay! It makes me almost an aunt, non? She is a bit like a younger sister to me, because with her being an only child while growing up (I’ve never met her much younger half-sister), she often came for sleep-overs during the week-ends and vacations when her parents were working… But now as adults, she is an organic farmer in the South of France, and I have been on the other side of the world myself, so we haven’t seen each other in years. I miss her.

South America. My mom has found a buyer for her apartment in Buenos-Aires after a surprising very short time on the market, especially considering the catastrophic economical and political situation in Argentina. (Comparatively my grand-mother’s house is still not sold after more than a year being listed…) So, yay, for that too!

She will be finishing the academic (and calendar) year as a Fine Arts professor, and trying to sort all the paperwork for retirement before leaving. Not a piece of cake in such a messy country. I am re-living the stress from last year through her now. It’s much more relaxing from my side of the story, when it’s all in the past, far behind me… I can pop some corn and let her ramble about all the sh*t she’s going through! At least at the moment, she is not trying to anxiously transfer her negativity to my life, and tell me that I’m doing everything wrong. I tell her that she is doing well, and that one step at the time is the best she can do.

As a result, in a couple of months, both my parents (who are divorced) and my brother will all be living very close together in the South of France. I have mixed feelings about this. It’s theoretically great to have the family “united”, but in practice… Well, let’s just say that there are very real and valid reasons why my husband and I have been happily living far, far away from them since we’ve been married.

And also, some nostalgia sets in when I think of Buenos-Aires, a wave of mourning for mi abuela, a bit of sadness to see my mom finally leaving her country behind…

Mi Buenos Aires querido,
cuando yo te vuelva a ver,
no habra más penas ni olvido.

Oh boy, did I just start singing some tango? I shouldn’t go down memory lane, really I shouldn’t, because soon I’ll be thinking of neighboring Brazil too, my in-laws that I dearly love and miss, of our tropical dreams that died, and of our own move that swallowed all our savings…

Back to the present.

North America. On our side, we are busy and slowly finding our bearings. D is a guest preacher in a church on the other side of the border every Sunday for the month of September. I almost said “south of the border”, but remembered that we live in the only city in Canada where our southern neighbors are actually north of us. Check a map, you’ll see what I mean. It gets some getting used to.

It’s funny how stressful it is to cross the bridge, even with our valid Canadian passports and a valid reason to go to church only one hour away from home… The border patrol agent is always asking weird questions, which, I suppose, are meant to find us contradict ourselves? It’s maddening. Why would we need to tell you three times in a row that we are visiting a Lutheran church on the other side, because we know the people there? Can’t we possibly know American Lutherans because we are Canadian Lutherans, and  we happen to share the same faith?

As for me, I walk for about one hour early every morning after seeing the kids off to school on the yellow bus. Yes, this is significant. I need to point it out. I’m not a morning person, so I’m really doing a supernatural effort here. I wanted to get back to swimming again now that I have some free time in the morning, but the weather is so nice at the moment. I’d rather enjoy my walks as much as possible while the weather still permits it. Then I come back home, and exile myself in the basement where I glue my ass on the chair, in front of the computer. Thank God for my chronic lower back pain! Without it, I would be too lazy to get out and enjoy the fresh air. My bed is so much more inviting in the morning!

I’m working on my Spanish audio book. Oh, how I love this project! It forces me to refresh my Spanish pronunciation and vocabulary. It’s great.


¡Hasta luego, amigos!

4 comentários sobre “All over the world

  1. I can relate to these moments when you think of stuff happening to relatives or friends all over the world, when you get the news over the phone or by email, where you wish you were there… or not. Then you pause and gather your thoughts because suddenly you’re mentally back in this place or that place somewhere in the world, far far away…!

    Real estate in Buenos Aires is pretty puzzling to a foreigner. I was surprised to see so many people with very average wages (think bakery employees for instance) living in beautiful apartments close to Florida and Lavalle and on the other hand, very old (as in, not so livable) and very expensive places close to La Recoleta. J’ai l’impression que les Portenos jugent beaucoup sur le quartier plutôt que sur l’état des lieux!

    • In my mom’s case her apartment is not in one of the hip neighborhoods, but relatively close to the city center and the building and apartment are relatively well maintained. Most importantly she was just lucky to have a buyer, with the funds, who wanted to move in quickly! As for my grandma’s house it’s totally another story: in the suburbs, needs repairs, unrealistic expectations for the sellers (my mom’s sisters)… Another kind of mess!

  2. Que de changements!!! J’espère que tu peux parler de tout ça avec ton cher et tendre, ça fait beaucoup de nostalgie, d’anxiété, de stress, et d’émotions, même si ce ne sont pas des “mauvais changements” en soi. Calinette croise les griffes pour que les choses se calment un peu dans votre vie très bientôt 🙂

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