Have a little walk with me

The weather is getting cooler here. Days are sadly getting shorter too.

Something else I miss about Brazil: one could pretty much expect to have 12 hours of daylight every day, year round. Nowadays it’s still night at 7:20 am, when I am waiting for the school bus with the kids, and we haven’t even changed to winter time yet! It’s getting increasingly hard to resist the urge to go directly back home, crank up the heating, hide in the basement, with a warm blanket on my lap (or the cat), and pretend to be working very hard on my current audio book project.

You see, I am actually working very hard on an audio book project, so for a couple of days last week, I gave up on my daily exercise and stayed indoors… Not surprisingly, I soon started to feel very depressed, my lower back started complaining, the one very small varicose vein behind my right leg started to hurt too (there is a history of serious varicose veins for all the women in my family except me, but I get panicky as soon as I feel a change in that one small vein behind my right leg), and to top it all, I was not as productive as I would have wanted!!!

So, what did I learn?

  1. I cannot give up on my daily physical exercise routine. “Fit mind, fit body”, they say, right?
  2. Also, I need to buy a light therapy lamp to survive the winter.

I was so mad at my stupidity that Monday morning, after seeing the kiddos off to school, I walked pass the railway tracks, and walked pass the baseball fields, and walked up the hill, and was rewarded (thank you, dear Lord in Heaven!) by this, this, and that:


Isn’t it lovely?

Tuesday morning, I walked on the other direction, pass the bridge, along Riverside towards downtown.


Today I walked as light as a feather without my camera. 🙂

6 comentários sobre “Have a little walk with me

  1. Your walk is amazing! What a nice surprise 🙂

    It’s getting much cooler here too and this is not my kind of weather. I know, I live in the wrong country…

    Side note, are you two (i.e. with your husband) talking about the elections in Brazil?

    • Yes, of course it’s a big topic with my in-laws. We are not very optimistic. Even if the current runner-up wins and does try to fight corruption (he is the ONLY candidate that has never been accused of criminal charges), we fear he is going to be murdered… My in-laws are just hopping for a turn in the economy to sell their house and leave the country (we hope that they come to Canada).

  2. Magnifique, les couleurs de l’automne et les chevreuils (biches ?) !! Tu as quand même du courage de faire ça tous les jours…. je devrais probablement m’y mettre, mais je n’en ai pas le courage !
    Et cette rangée de drapeaux… Ça, c’est quelque chose qu’on ne verra jamais, ici, en Suisse 😉 Les hauts buildings et le grand pont suspendu non plus, d’ailleurs.

    • Les buildings les plus hauts sont à Détroit, chez nos voisins de l’autre côté de la rivière… Du côté canadien c’est un peu plus discret! (Il y a qlq hauts édifices, mais ils ne se voient pas d’aussi loin).

Oi! Tudo bom?

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