Spanish Short Stories

Hellooo, I’m baaack!

It has been a whirlwind around here:

We’ve been sick in the house (again). This time around it was Natanael, and then hubby, the two who had escaped the flu two weeks ago… As usual, the kid was back on his feet in a couple of days, the adult was coughing his lungs out for a couple of WEEKS. I am re-learning to be more Canadian and I try very hard not to hug or kiss my kids when they are sick (it’s very hard, but I had to tell them it’s for our own good). In Brazil the concept of germs is very theoretical, and people hug everyone right and left, sick or not… Over here most people are less touchy, and will actually THANK YOU if you explain that you don’t want to shake hands because there is the flu in your house! (As a contrast, Brazilian people get very offended if you don’t want to hug them for whatever reason!)

And now, during Advent season, I’ve been hunting the thrift stores to find white shirts and black pants for the boys’ Christmas concert at school (plus 3 Christmas hats from the dollar store) and a winter coat for myself. One of the great advantages of living in a First World country among the over-consumerism of others is that I find a lot of very cheap clothes that are in very good shape or sometimes new! (with the tags on and everything). I can’t tell my mom that I buy clothes at the thrift store though, she is horrified, but for me it’s 1. budget friendly 2. earth friendly (hey, it’s recycling!) 3. totally worth it because the kids just destroy their clothes anyway, might as well let them roll in the mud in their 99 cents pants if they want to. I don’t want to care about it.

I’ve been busy with work. My current project is French Dialogues, from the same editor/author of the French Short Stories. I like to work for that person because he wants me to be the last beta reader, and let him know about the typos/errors if I find them. The two other authors/editors that I worked with did not ask me to do that, but I did it anyway.  I always find some errors when I read, specially now as a narrator, because I actually have to read over the same passages many times (when I record AND when I edit). In answer, what I like to hear from the author/editor after I signal a mistake or send the whole list at the end of the project is, “That’s great!” or “Good catch!”. Because it means that he will correct whatever needs to be corrected, and the final product will be of greater quality. I like a job well done. How disappointed was I when I received emails such as “Well, thanks but whatever, we can’t make any changes now, no work is ever perfect…” (I am not looking for perfection, but better is a start, no? How frustrating…)

Also, *drumroll* my Spanish Short Stories book is out! Yay! No reviews yet, so if you reside in the US or UK, and want a free download code for the audio book, just let me know… I would love to send one to you in exchange for a (hopefully) good review! 😉



6 comentários sobre “Spanish Short Stories

  1. I’m laughing because it looks like we’re all on the same page tonight: I’m busy putting my short story online (should be posted by tomorrow), I saw another blogger I follow also published a short story… and now you!

    I would LOVE a code because, yay short stories and Spanish! Congrats on your achievement, it takes time and dedication to make it through creative projects 🙂

    • En fait ici les gens n’ont pas l’habitude de faire la bise, donc c’est assez naturel de ne pas se toucher, mais en cas de grippe c’est tout aussi “normal” de ne pas s’approcher, de faire un p’tit coucou de la main et de dire “sorry! I’m sick!”.

  2. J’achète presque tous mes vêtements de seconde main depuis 2 ans, et je trouve des choses incroyables et souvent quasiment neuves ! Par contre, ici, pour les enfants, c’est plus dur. Il y a moins de choix, surtout pour les pantalons… apparemment, mes garçons ne sont pas les seuls à trouer les leurs 😉

    Félicitations pour le livre ! Dommage que je n’habite ni aux USA, ni au Royaume Uni…

    • Oui, les pantalons c’est plus difficile, mais le plus dûr pour nous sont les chaussures. C’est incroyable comment les miens usent les semelles… et ils ne doivent pas être les seuls parce qu’il n’y a pratiquement pas de chaussures dans les magasions d’occasion. Pour le reste, je trouve vraiment de tout et de bonne qualité.

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