Bullet Point Week

  • The aquatic “river walking” class started out very easy: walk 3 loops with the current. The instructor informed me that I would be the youngest in the group, but reassured me that he would adapt the class to my needs. I looked around me in the water and saw that there were indeed older ladies ahead of me. The class description in the booklet said “medium to high intensity”, oh really!? It does not look that way to me. What did I get myself into?
  • When I was done with the warm up, the instructor told me to walk 3 loops against the current… Ah. Ok. Now we are talking!
  • One hour of this (and variations) was painful, but oh so fun. (One more reason I love the water: I don’t want to know how much I sweat!)
  • The boys were supposed to start their new swimming session today, but the first lesson was canceled “because of technical difficulties”. Whatever that means.
  • The twins were invited to a playdate at their friends house this afternoon (twins too), but the mom called me this morning to cancel because one of the boys woke up with fever. Better telling us now, than having the whole family sick for a week. Thank you, fellow twin mama.
  • There are 3 sets of twins in the twins’ classroom. Two girls, and two sets of two boys.
  • I took advantage of some down time between two projects to rearrange my recording studio this week. I’m loving it so far. (It’s the kind of thing that I can’t be doing during a project because so many little things change the quality of recording).
  • My computer mouse died two days ago. It was a small and simple, wired black thing, but I liked it. It wouldn’t click anymore.  D says in his many years of repairing computers he’s never seen that before. So I ordered a new one (white, rechargeable, wireless). I am using a big black hamster until the cyborg arrives.
  • We’ve had a little bit of snow this week, but so far this winter has been more gray than white. Not fun.

5 comentários sobre “Bullet Point Week

  1. Je serais curieuse de voir une photo de ton studio d’enregistrement. J’ai dû m’enregistrer pour un projet pour mes cours et c’était l’horreur : recommencer vingt fois à cause de bafouilles ou de petits bruits comme le clic clic des pattes du chien sur le parquet. J’en déduis que enregistrer tout un livre doit prendre du temps.

    • C’est fait ! J’espère que tu trouveras ça intéressant parce que je ne pouvais pas m’arrêter d’écrire des tas de trucs et des détails peut-être tout à fait ennuyeux! 🙂

  2. Oh oui, on veut voir à quoi ressemble ton studio !
    Waouh, autant de jumeaux ? Ici il y a deux jumelles dans la classe de mon grand, et deux autres dans celles du petit. 😉 D’ailleurs il est (était ?) tout amoureux de l’une d’elles…

    • Je ne sais pas si je suis devenue plus consciente des jumeaux autour de moi, mais on dirait que depuis que les miens sont nés, où on aille il y a toujours une autre paire de jumeaux à l’école ou à l’église !

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