In the same ‘hood

Hello lovely peeps!

Yes, we’ve finally moved (again). We are exhausted.

We despaired for a couple of weeks because we couldn’t find an affordable house for our family… I was starting to think that with our meager budget, we would have to rent a two-bedroom apartment. Not ideal at all for a family of five. The house market in our area is just crazy: very affordable to buy a house if you have enough savings for a down payment on a mortgage (which is not our case), but as expensive to rent as a big city like Montreal (I know, I checked)… Apparently there is a high demand for rental housing here because a lot of immigrants and students who first arrive elsewhere in Canada soon realize that winters are cold, and think that going to Canada’s southernmost city is a good idea. As a result the landlords can afford to be picky and crank up the rental prices. It creates what I think they call “a bubble” in the housing market. Ah, if I had the money, I would definitely invest in real estate and build a couple of rental properties… That’s were the money is.

Anyway, so I found a place not far from our previous house. It was the most frustrating move we had to do. We’ve had all the sweat and tears and work of moving houses, but it was not because D had a new job or because we finally bought a house… We moved because the landlord wanted to do renovations and sell the house. As a result we end up with an increase of $500 per month in rent for a house that is not that much better than the one before.

It’s a three-bedroom duplex with a basement. It’s feels like a house but we share a wall, the front porch, the backyard and the garbage bin with the side neighbors. So far so good, we’ll see how that goes.

The upside is that my recording studio is not in the basement anymore. I have my own little room with a window ! with a view ! of a park! (see picture above). Also, the kids’ playroom is in the basement now, with the ground floor in between us, so they can fight and jump as much as they want…

In the middle of all this (well, of course everything always happens at the same time), I just finished my sixth audio book  ! The best one yet ! 😉 (in post-production at the moment, it’s not out yet). It was one year ago, in May 2018, that I started with my first project as an audio book narrator, editor, producer. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to produce an audio book, an average of 6 audio books per year. Not bad for a beginner. What I enjoyed the most about the experience so far is that I have been learning everyday about recording technicalities, and improving my skills at editing. Super interesting.

And today we’ve celebrated the twins’ ninth birthday. 9 years old! Crazy! Time flies when we’re having nervous breakdowns *cough* fun!

8 comentários sobre “In the same ‘hood

    • Je serais soulagée quand on aura enfin les moyens de s’acheter une maison et qu’on puisse se dire que ce dire qu’après ce déménagement on peut jeter les boîtes! (Je garde toujours les meilleurs)

  1. 9 ans, déjà ! Waouh !
    Oh, je suis contente que vous ayez trouvé une nouvelle maison. La vue de la fenêtre est top 😉
    Et ça me fait plaisir de lire un nouvel article sur ton blog, ça m’avait manqué.

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