Swimmer 3 & water polo blab

The boys have started a new semester of swimming lessons. Since it’s summer and *we* have little else to do, I’ve taken the opportunity to register them for lessons twice a week (instead of once) during the month of July. We also go to a different pool. It’s my favorite pool, the one I go to myself for swimming in the morning.

The swimming complex is fantastic : with competitive swimming pools on one side (picture above), and a water park with slides, splash pads, a wave pool, and a current corridor on the other side (it’s where I had my “river walking class” during the winter). It’s all great except for parking! Utterly ridiculous: there are only 5 free parking spots in front of the whole big complex (with a 2-hour limit !), all the rest of the available parking you have to pay because, I suppose, it’s too close to downtown (not very expensive if you go only once in a while, but it adds up quickly if you go almost everyday like me). So when I go alone I just ride my bicycle along the Riverside pathway. It’s a pleasant ride and a great warm up. But when I go with the kids, I drive and park the car a bit further away… then we walk. No big deal. At first I was a bit apprehensive, about the hassle of yet again a new routine, a new pool with the kids (Is it another sign of aging that I am sick of changing routines?), but our first week came and went and it was alright. My hope is that by seeing other kids training and swimming around them (there are other more advanced classes and teams training in the other pools at the same time), it might motivate them, inspire them to learn more.

As for me, I have managed to go three times a week instead of the former twice a week for the past month and a half. A good rhythm that I’m hoping to maintain, and maybe increase, but now with the kids home for the summer and D starting welding school (he is starting second career training — every morning on week days)… I don’t know how that will work out, maybe I’ll have to find a time slot in the evening? (I prefer exercising in the morning, I’m simply too lazy/tired in the evening).

I’ve been asking around if there is a water polo team in town, for adults like me who just want to have fun, but no luck so far. My endurance is not what it used to be, but I’ve been doing water polo drills during my swimming practice (and getting better) and some people have come to me asking if those were water polo moves. I hope they asked because they are unfamiliar with water polo, not because I look like a drowning whale in the water! haha. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up gathering a team of my own! 😉

For those of you who have no idea what water polo is, and how the water polo swimming is any different from “classic” strokes, you basically swim crawl strokes with the head above water. Here is an example:

There are many different swimming techniques proper to the water polo game:

Water treading (or egg beater)…

And ball handling, while swimming…

It’s all fascinating to me (and wonderfully exhausting!). I just love being in the water.

7 comentários sobre “Swimmer 3 & water polo blab

    • Toutes ces vidéos sur Y*tube (y’en a tellement!) m’ont donné plein d’idées d’exercises et j’ai très envie d’aller essayer des nouveaux trucs à la piscine. Par contre je n’ai pas encore osé m’amuser toute seule avec un ballon…

    • Aimer l’eau et savoir flotter c’est un bon début ! Je t’encourage à explorer les mouvements dans l’eau comme ça quand tu deviens accro et que tu ne peux plus t’arrêter, je te recrute pour mon équipe de water polo ! 😉

  1. Mark vient de finir sa session, c’est un “swimmer II” 🙂 Je l’emmène à mon club de gym, où la Croix Rouge fait des sessions pour les petits et les grands. Le bassin est super beau et propre! Je dois avouer que même si j’adore l’eau, je n’ai jamais tenté la piscine au club : c’est toute la logistique de la douche sur place et tout qui me bloque (par manque de temps). Quand je suis un cours de sport, j’y vais tard le soir et je reviens à la maison à pieds, je me douche chez nous.

    • Je me demande si ils suivent le même programme de natation? Le programme des miens est très bizarre: il est normal de refaire le même niveau plusieurs fois jusqu’à qu’ils y arrivent… Ils ont refait Swimmer 1 trois fois! J’y suis allée en soirée hier (après l’horaire des cours) et c’était très agréable! 🙂

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