Quick notes

Just some quick notes about all the things that have been going on lately.

The new library branch in our neighborhood has finally opened. The move was supposed to happen in the Spring, but it was reported time and time again. They have restored the old firehouse (1921) and the old barn behind it (1890), to make a wonderful modern library which smells brand new. The kids and I have been there quite a few times in the past weeks (I’ll try to get some pictures soon).

I’ve started teaching at a music school again (voice and piano)! Only two days a week (Monday and Tuesday), and it’s only 6 students for now, but I enjoy getting out of the house. I’m glad to see that I am indeed still quite sane when I don’t teach my own kids… Why do I have zero patience to teach my own children? An added bonus about teaching students outside of the home is that I get a weekly reminder to have my kids practice at home.

A couple of weeks ago (that’s how long I took to write this post), D travelled to Halifax with an older pastor for the installation of a third pastor (who studied with D at the seminary with the older pastor as their professor). Departure Friday morning, return Saturday afternoon / early evening. All goes according to plan until it’s time to return : all flights are cancelled because of Dorian, the post-tropical storm that was passing very close to the city. He sent me a very short email to inform me that their return flight was cancelled, then nothing for 24h. He told me later that there was no power in the hotel were they stayed (most of the province of Nova Scotia had no power). Even if I was trying not to, I was freaking out. All I knew about the situation were the most alarming videos I could find online… Not the best way to stay calm. (D later told me that the “big storm” was no big deal, just some strong winds, we’ve seen much worse in Brazil). He called the day after when he was already in transit at the Toronto airport. In the end, their return trip was only delayed one day later than planned, but those were the longest 24h I spent in a long time. 

I’ve started my class of Water Resistance (or “river walking”) again! Yay! I still think it’s a great class, but for some mysterious reason, of the dozen of ladies who loooved that class as much as I did before the summer, only one (beside me) has registered this semester! Weird.

So lately I’m not only swimming 3 times a week, but going to that class as well, so that’s 4 workouts per week… Not bad at all, I hope I keep it up when the weather turns depressing. (Lately it’s gray and raining, but it’s not too cold yet — I’m still biking to the swimming pool along the Riverside pathway with much gusto (there is always a bit of wind close to the river)… Let’s see how long that lasts).

Morning Walk 1
Morning Walk 2

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    • Le secret avec le sport c’est de trouver un truc que t’aimes vraiment faire et pas trop loin de chez toi comme ça t’as pas d’excuses pour désister… (Et même avec ces critères, j’avoue que je dois souvent me donner un coup de pied au cul !) 😆

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