The New Library

Last time I wrote over here, I quickly mentioned that we had a new library in the neighborhood. I was very excited about it and could not wait to show you pictures of it, of the fall colors all around, of the kids Halloween makeup, etc. But then, as usual, life happened and I was very busy with other things such as (but not limited to) :

finishing editing an audio book (a novel in French ! ), (Le Jardin secret de Marie, de Coralie Raphael — Une histoire extraodinaire, magique, pleine de mytères, de rebondissements et un amour pas comme les autres… Comme on dit en portugais adorei!)

reading an excellent novel (Sunshine by Robin McKinley — a post-apocalyptic fantasy with magical creatures, including a vampire, but no romance, which was oddly very satisfying to me, though maybe not to everyone’s taste. A genre in its own, I guess),

keep swimming as much as I could but not as much as I should (it’s very dark and cold now at 7:30AM and it’s already kind of depressing, and not motivating me at all to hop on my bicycle and go swimming, so I’ve sadly been slacking on my exercising. I really should get into a new routine of going there late mornings or evenings. Still debating),

Autumn leaves 1
Autumn leaves 2

getting soaked to the bone while trick or treating on Halloween with the kids (we left the house at 5PM, a little early, to make sure to collect enough candies before the rain. After a slow start (some houses were decorated but no one a the door… Why?), we had about 20 minutes of productive collecting before it started raining, then pouring rain. By that time we were cold and the kids’ bags were full and heavy, so we came back home with squeaky shoes, cold fingers, wet candies and a smile on our faces.)

Did you feast your eyes on the fall pictures above? Yes? Good. Because all day yesterday, and it looks like today too, the white stuff is falling from the sky. And not just a small little first snow of the season, no, it’s non stop snowing galore! In November! School buses have been cancelled for the day, the kids will be home, and so it begins…



5 comentários sobre “The New Library

  1. Il semblerait que cette année l’hiver s’installe bien vite, hélas.
    Que tu n’arrives pas à te motiver à aller nager à 7h30, je comprends tout à fait. C’est bien trop tôt, surtout avec le froid qui s’installe. Courage à toi !

  2. It’s brutal today :-/ I was expecting snow (well, it was forecast) but I wasn’t expecting THAT MUCH snow and it’s awfully cold. Real feel -22C according to my phone. I know it’s just stupid and pointless to complain about it but it makes me mad!

    • Yesterday I let the kids go to school with their normal shoes because I thought “it’s the first snow, it’s gonna melt by the end of the day”. Nope! It kept snowing and snowing… They came back with their feet all wet. Luckily somehow last year’s boots still fit (barely — good enough until I find new pairs).

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