Os gatinhos

So, the kids have been going to school for two weeks now.After the first day, a marveled Uriel told me, “Mom, at school I played with a GIRL!”. Hubby heard this from the kitchen and, grinning, he looked at me and said, “in twenty years that same sentence will mean something quite different!” 😉

The following Saturday morning, when they were waking up, Natanael asked me why they were not putting on their uniform, “well, there is no school today”, I explained. His reply? “But… WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!”

Ha ha. They crack me up!

Needless to say, kindergarten is a success all around.

Voilà, les enfants ont finalement commencé l’école il y a deux semaines.À la fin du premier jour, un Uriel émerveillé me dit: “Maman, à l’école j’ai joué avec UNE FILLE!”. D, qui était dans la cuisine, me regarde et sourit : “Dans vingt ans cette phrase voudra dire quelque chose de très différent!”. 😉

Le samedi suivant, au réveil, Natanael me demande pourquoi ils ne mettent pas les uniformes. “Il n’y a pas d’école aujourd’hui”, je lui explique. Sa réponse? “Mais… QU’EST-CE QU’ON VA FAIRE!?!!”

Ha ha! Je me marre.

Oui, l’école maternelle est un grand succès.




I finally decided to repair some of their maltreated books (the “disabled” books box was getting way fuller than the “ok” books box — it was time). I was using glue and Scotch tape. Three pairs of eyes watching my every moves. “Qu’est-ce que c’est ?” (What is it?) asks Natanael, showing the glue. To which I explain that’s it’s called “glue” and that it’s used to repair stuff.

Later, when I send them wash their hands, they notice that the soap bar is cracked.
Maman, le savon est cassé ! Il faut réparer avec la colle !
(Mom, the soap is broken! Needs (to be) repair(ed) with some glue!)

Life is magic like that.