A mulher de branco

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I have just finished reading the Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, novel n.2 in my 12 classics challenge.

As I started reading it, I was wondering, was this a mystery ? A romance ? A suspence ? A horror story ? I couldn’t put my mind around it. Well as it turns out, it’s  considered the first “sensation” novel. Whatever that means. It was a thrilling book. A page-turner. And to top it all off *sigh* a nice yet unexpected ending. I loved it.

Should I write a plot summary? I think others have done it better than I would. Instead, if you are interested, I leave you here a couple of interesting links: the Wiki* articleanother enthusiastic one in the Guardian, and here is the free ebook from Project Gutenberg.

You’re welcome. 🙂

2 comentários sobre “A mulher de branco

    • Oui, je l’ai lu plusieur fois ado quand j’avais ma fixation de Carmen (que j’ai fini par trouver idiote — y’a des personnages qu’on aime de plus en plus, d’autre c’est le contraire. Et pour Carmen c’est le contraire dans mon cas). J’ai Colomba dans le même livre, donc je l’ai lu plusieurs fois aussi 🙂

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