After writing my last post, last week, D received an email from a certain “Paz” (Peace) Lutheran Church informing him that they were sending him a Call. “Paz” is the name of the congregation in Rio Grande do Sul. He was a bit confused because he had just communicated with one of the person responsible over there. He was about to reply in the lines of “yes, thank you, I was already aware of it”, when he realizes that this email is not from the first congregation, but from another one -with the same name- in the South of Bahia (North East of Brazil) !

In the same breath, he has a chat with his parents over Skype, and they tell him that the pastor of their home church in SJC (state of São Paulo) is finally retiring. We were not expecting it anymore. It seems there will be another Call from them very soon as well! So, after many months of waiting for an “exit”, many prayers, supplications and despair (!), he receives not only one or two, but THREE Calls at once! Unbelievable!

In our most delirious moments, we imagined that something like this would happen, but never really thought it could actually become reality… There is Someone (ô God Almighty) that has sense of humor up there! ;)

Where will be our next destination? Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo or Bahia?

Après avoir terminé mon dernier post, la semaine passée, D reçoit un email de la congrégation “Paz” (paix) qui lui annonce qu’ils lui envoient un appel. “Paz” est le nom de la congrégation de Rio Grande Do Sul. Il était un peu confu puisqu’il venait de communiquer avec une des personnes responsable là-bas. Alors qu’il s’apprétait à répondre que “oui, oui, merci, je suis déjà au courant”, il réalise que cet appel n’est pas de la première congrégation avec qui il était en contact, mais d’une AUTRE congrégation du même nom qui se trouve au sud de Bahia (région Nord-Est du Brésil) !

Dans la même foulée, il discute avec ses parents sur Skype, et ils lui apprennent que le pasteur de leur congrégation à SJC (région de São Paulo) va finalement prendre la retraite. On n’y croyait même plus. Il semblerait que d’ici peu il y aura un troisième appel ! Donc après avoir attendu (et prié, et supplié, et desespéré !) des mois et des mois pour qu’une opportunité “de sortie” se présente, voilà qu’il reçoit non seulement un, ni deux, mais TROIS appels d’un coup !

Dans nos instants de délires, on s’imaginait qu’une chose pareille pouvait arriver sans vraiment y croire. Il y a vraiment quelqu’Un (ô Dieu Tout-Puissant) avec un sens de l’humour là-haut! ;) Donc, où sera notre prochaine destination ? Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo ou Bahia ?

Suspens et boule de gomme.

Rio Grande do Sul

Well, it seems that something is finally happening. D received a Call to serve as a pastor in a congregation in the South of Brazil. And by “the South” I really mean it since the state of Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost state in Brazil.

We hoped for a placement “more towards the South” to be closer to his parents who live near Sao Paulo and easier to visit for my mom who lives in Buenos Aires. (I haven’t seen her in 4 years, she still hasn’t met Uriel).

So that’s pretty much right in between. It’s a small town though, and very far from the coast, but I suppose we can’t have it all. I think, too, that a small town in the South will feel less like the end of the world than here in Rondônia. Easier of access with better roads compared to the North, a railroad too, I think, and the people’s accent is easier for me to understand !

The decision has not been made yet, D has a couple of weeks to meditate upon it and pray.



Mostly excited.


It seems that the wet season is finally coming to an end. The upside is that there will gradually be less mosquitoes, the downside is that the heat will become unbearable. It literally knocks you down. Even local natives all need their siesta in the middle of the day to catch up on some Zzz’s. Most of them wake up at the crack of dawn to take advantage of the cooler hours, they also like to enjoy the evening hours too, which makes for pretty short nights! Hence the need of the mid-day break. I have never been a morning person, but since the kids start school at 7.30 AM, I have started waking up at 6 AM, and becoming a “real” Rondônian!

Our garden around the house has grown like a jungle. We have enjoyed fresh taioba (yummy spinach-like greens), sucked on sugar cane, and drank maracujá (passion fruit) juice almost everyday with the fruits from the garden. The maracujá vines, instead of climbing orderly on the support we had installed for them, have grown all over the acerola and jabuticaba trees and even climbed on the coconut tree! So we have to wait for the ripe fruits to fall on the ground.

A marvelous jungle.