Rendez-vous dans dix ans

I have been following a certain blog for ten years. TEN YEARS! Which means that I have been blogging (on and off) for more than ten years! (In fact, I started one year after getting married, before moving from Montreal to Niagara, 14 years ago…)

My fellow blogger asked me and the others who commented on her original post, ten years ago, to reply to the simple and , oh so complicated, question of where were we 10 years ago, today, and how we see ourselves in ten years from now.

It gave me a bit of vertigo.

Ten years ago, I was writing this post. In July 2008, D and I were living in Niagara. We were childless, only one cat (I can’t remember if we had the Lily-the-bunny then, too), and had the freedom to decide at random to go to the movies on a weekday or spend the afternoon biking around the region (when we were not working) and come back home with the sun. On Saturday we would often walk downtown (a 20 minutes walk from where we used to live), have lunch at our favorite sushi place, and follow it by aimless hours at the public library.

Ten years later, we are a family of  five humans and two cats (the same first cat is now eleven years old). We no longer live in Niagara. In the mean time we have moved 7 times, we spent one year in Saskatchewan, moved back one year to Niagara, then the big move to Brazil, where we lived 3 years in Rondônia, less than a year in Goiâs, and another less-than-a-year finally close to family in SJC, before deciding that Brazil was not what was best for our family.

I feel dizzy again.

We can no longer make spur-of-the-moment decisions. Our escapes to the sushi place have to be planned in advance to coincide with the kids being at school and both of us not working. We managed to go to the movies only a few times in 10 years, when we were lucky to live close to the in-laws and they could keep an eye on the kiddos. Now I go to the library with the kids when it coincides with the organized craft activities, so that I can read quietly for 30-minutes before someone comes to show me his work of art, gives me a book, asks if he can go to the bathroom (have I ever said “no” to that questions?), or wants to use the library computer (for games — why do they have computers at the library?).

Professionally I was working a lot ten years ago. I had a job as a bilingual secretary which I disliked. The hours and the pay were great, but I was either bored or stressed most of the time. Luckily I was also teaching music in the evening, and I really loved that. I had a very busy life, but with no perspective. D was studying for ever, we didn’t know when that would end, and where we would go after he had finished.

Nowadays I am teaching piano only to my Goddaughter once a week. I had started teaching music to my boys, but my patience is not as good with my own children. I am concentrating in their swimming lessons right now. Maybe I will try music again sometime later.

And then I have these audio books projects that are taking most of my waking hours… Yes, I had the bad idea to accept a second audio book project before finishing the first one. The due date of the second being before the first one, I am a bit stressed. Actually I shouldn’t even be wasting my time writing a post right now!

In retrospect, I am as stressed today as I was 10 years ago, only for different reasons! 😕

Our lives have changed dramatically in ten years, not necessarily for the better, not for the worse. Just different. We try to make the best of things, but let’s say that I had probably imagined something more stable 10 years ago… It is my wish, hope and dream that we will have put down some roots somewhere (anywhere, really, please ô God) in 10 years from now.

(The following song as nothing to do with the post. I am just a bit obsessed with it at the moment).

4 comentários sobre “Rendez-vous dans dix ans

  1. C’est sûr que les enfants ça change radicalement la vie et tous ces déménagement ont dû t’épuiser! Je croise les doigts pour que vous retrouviez une vie un peu plus stable très bientôt 🙂 Et bon courage pour les projets, je suis sûre que tu vas y arriver!

    • Merci pour le vote de confiance! Oui, j’ai réussi! Et j’ai aussi apprit que les dates limites sont très flexibles, il suffit de garder la communication ouverte avec l’auteur. C’est vraiment cool et pas si stressant que ça en fait, c’était beaucoup dans ma tête tout ce drame! 😎

  2. C’est sûr que pendant ces dianx il s’en est passé des choses dans ta vie!! 🙂
    En tous cas j’espère pour toi que tu retrouveras un job qui te plaise vraiment!
    Il y a dix ans j’avais déjà perdu mon “bon job bien rémunérateur…”
    La vie n’est pas un long fleuve tranquille comme on dit !
    Tout le meilleur pour le futur! Bises

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