So, it’s now official : we are moving from the state of Rondônia to Goiás, from Northern Brazil to very much in the middle of the country.


The bad news is that we are exchanging a small town for another even smaller town, but the good news is that this other small town is at reasonable driving distance (150km) to Brasilia, Distrito Federal. Our thinking is that even if we end up in another difficult situation, at least we will have the possibility to renew our Canadian passports, get registered at the French embassy, and be ready to leave if things get unbearable or if the opportunity arises.

We have a hard time saying “at least it can’t get any worse than here”, because knowing the Brazilian reality, it could indeed get worse. No library? No park? Bad schools? Ha! What am I whining about? Some families here live in wooden shacks with no electricity, no bathroom, no car. Some kids don’t go to school because there don’t have access to one.

As for us, we will get the opportunity to travel once again across the country. Move, see and live in another part of Brazil! Talk about another reality.

We are going north of Brasilia, south of the national park.

Plus, we will finally have somewhere to go on our day off. A chance to visit Brasilia, which is the capital of the country after all! I have read about it a while ago, its urban planing and modern architecture, but now that we will be visiting I’m even more curious.

Apparently the National Park da Chapada dos Veadeiros is a sight to be seen too. Will there be hiking and biking trails, I wonder?

Once again, we are moving into the unknown. There is a lot to organize and coordinate in the mean time. The housing there is being rented out right now, so we have to wait until it’s liberated for us to move in. Then there is the mater of the moving company. Do the people there know of someone who’s in the business? Or will we have to find a company on our own? Will D be traveling with the truck driver, our stuff and the cat? And will I have to travel by plane with the kids on my own?

Oh, the headache.

9 comentários sobre “Goiás

  1. Okay, between us you are perfectly entitled to whine and complain a little bit. It’s okay to do so. Really. I understand that moving your family around like this isn’t easy and the environment can be challenging!

    I love your positive attitude though. Thank you for providing a map, makes figuring it out easier! I hadn’t realized you were so “up North” and yep, in a very rural state.

    The new town may be smaller but the feeling may be very different since you are so close to Brasilia (150 km is close by Brasilian and Canadian standards!).

    • I don’t want to get too excited about the new place. It might very well be as bad as here, so I don’t want to be disappointed once more. But at least we will have a closer access to the amenities (airport and consulates) of a big city which definitely earns a huge brownie point in its favor! 🙂

    • À part ce que j’ai mentionné, l’avantage d’être plus proche d’une grande ville et les consulats, je ne pense pas qu’il y ai autre chose que je puisse découvrir sur le net. Les photos seront probablement jolies (ou pas), mais ça ne me donnera aucune information sur le côté humain, si il y aura des gouttières dans la maison ou combien de moustiques vont me martiriser!!! 🙂

  2. Je croise les doigts et les griffes de Calinette pour que tout se passe bien et que la petite ville soit agréable et sympa. Vous le méritez bien, après toutes ces aventures! Je vous admire et pense très fort à vous pour que cette nouvelle année soit remplie de bonnes surprises 🙂

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